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    Reporting and Analytics

    Financial insights you can trust.

    Go beyond the basics of financial reporting. With reporting and financial analytics from Workday, you get all the business, financial, and workforce information you need in one place.

    Management reporting & financial reporting software hero

    Filter and drill down on any dimension for deeper understanding.

    Choose from a variety of visual formats to view budgets, actuals, and averages.

    Manage exceptions with configurable KPIs, thresholds, and visual indicators.

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    Say goodbye to batch processes.

    • Make more informed decisions without traditional ETL processes.
    • Create all reports and analytics using the same real-time transactional data.
    • View consolidated financial results anytime with automated eliminations, translations, and retained earnings.
    • Access benchmarks on financial metrics and compare your performance against peers.

    Drill down on any dimension.

    • Analyze and report on any business dimension across finance, HR, and payroll.
    • Pivot across and around dimensions on any report.
    • Automatically reflect new dimensions in transaction entry, accounting, and reporting.
    • Take action directly from a business process with embedded analytics.

    Deliver meaningful analytics.

    • Produce formatted financial statements and regulatory reports.
    • Prepare scorecards with embedded comments and nested reports to communicate results.
    • Highlight areas requiring immediate attention with visual indicators.
    • Prioritize work and manage exceptions using delivered and custom dashboards.

    One security model. Complete data control.

    • Combine your finance, HR, and payroll data to make decisions based on a single source of truth.
    • Maintain one security model across processes, data, devices, and reports.
    • Secure and burst reports by role and organization hierarchies.

    Blend data from any source.

    Workday Prism Analytics combines financial data with non-Workday operational data to reveal even deeper business insight.

    • Understand what’s driving your performance.
    • Use analytics to take action without changing the way you use Workday.
    • Bring together all the data you need in one place.
    • View blended Workday and non-Workday data in a familiar reporting and analytics framework.

    Learn more about Workday Prism Analytics >

    Learn how a single codeline, security model, and source of truth allow us to deliver analytics on live transactional data everyone can trust.